Marie-France Garcia is a French singer and actress born 9 February 1946 in Oran. She is transsexual and is a Parisian pop icon of the 1970s.


Marie-France was hired in 1969 at the Alcazar in the "Latin Quarter", where she became famous as a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. She remained one of the headliners of that music-hall until 1987. She joined FHAR (Homosexual Front of Revolutionary Action), close to Guy Hocquenghem. As a member of FHAR, she was interviewed in the magazine "Recherches" (special issue "Trois milliards de pervers" (3 billion perverts), 1973).

She is a member of the small group, the Gazolines, with Hélène Hazera. The two performed in "Les Intrigues de Sylvia Couski" (The Intriques of Sylvia Couski) by Adolfo Arrieta (1974).

Alain Kan paid tribute to her by entitling one of his songs "Marie-France" in 1976.

She appeared as a singer in the film Barocco by André Téchiné in 1976, where she sang "On Se Voit Se Voir", a song written by Philippe Sarde.

She pursued her acting career in theater, notably in "Le Navire Night" by Marguerite Duras in 1979.

With the album "39 de Fièvre" (39°C Fever) in 1980, through several renditions of David Bowie's music, she captured the style of the rock group Bijou.

She was again directed by Téchiné in his 1987 film "Les Innocents" (The Innocents).

In 1993, she recorded a cover of Édith Piaf in a duet with Marc Almond, who gave her two songs.

Daniel Darc and Mirwais Ahmadzaï collaborated on her eponymous 1997 album, for which she wrote the lyrics of a few songs herself.

Frédéric Botton wrote several songs for her in 2005.

At the end of 2006, Léonard Lasry invited Marie-France to sing a duet entitled "Du désir au bout des doigts" (Desire at the fingertips) as an homage. This song is featured on the first Léonard Lasry album, "Des Illusions" (Illusions) (29 Music).

She also is works in public relations in Paris.


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  • About her, Marguerite Duras said: "It is impossible to not be troubled by her. Everyone. Women as well as men."

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