Mike Jones (personal trainer)
BornMay 7, 1957
BirthplaceColorado, U.S.
Occupationauthor, personal trainer, escort and masseur

Michael F. "Mike" Jones (born May 7, 1957) is a personal trainer, author, and a former male prostitute and masseur[1][2][3] who gained national notice when he went public with allegations that he had had a three-year affair with Ted Haggard, an evangelical preacher and founder of New Life Church (Colorado Springs, Colorado).


Private life

Jones grew up in Edgewater, Colorado, a Denver suburb. His mother died a few years ago; his father is still alive. Jones says he was picked on in school and that made him take up bodybuilding. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Involvement in Haggard sex scandal

Jones claimed to have had a three-year sexual relationship with Haggard, which ended in August 2006, and for which Haggard paid Jones. He first made the allegations on the Peter Boyles show on Denver radio station KHOW 630 AM.[4]

Jones claimed that upon discovering the real identity of the man he knew as "Art" (Haggard's middle name is Arthur), and finding that Haggard was a major public figure in opposition of gay marriage, the hypocrisy drove him to reveal the situation.[4] On November 2, 2006, Jones alleged that Haggard paid for sex with him during trysts that had been taking place on an almost monthly basis during the previous three years. Jones contends the relationship was strictly physical and not emotional. Jones also stated "[Haggard] had told me he loved snorting methamphetamine before [he] has sex with his wife" and that Haggard had also revealed a fantasy he had of having an orgy with "about six young college guys ranging from 18 to 22 in age."[5]

On November 6, Ted Haggard confessed to his followers that he was guilty of "sexual immorality." He did so with a letter addressed to his congregation, read by another clergyman.[6] The letter also asked his followers to refrain from blaming Jones, and in fact thanked him for bringing his "problems" to light so he could get help. Jones, when interviewed by telephone, said he felt bad for Haggard during the tough times: "I wish him well. I wish his family well. My intent was never to destroy his family. My intent was to expose a hypocrite."[7]

On November 27, 2006, the website reported that the Denver Police Department still wanted to contact Jones for further questioning.[8] On December 11, 2006 Jones appeared on the Warner Bros. syndicated talk show, The Dr. Keith Ablow Show (Episode 1088) to discuss his involvement with Haggard.

Dan Savage and a number of gay-oriented bloggers asked the gay community to help Jones with his legal difficulties and harassment by Haggard's followers.[9][10][11] He was also criticized for violating the confidentiality of an escort/client relationship.[12] Jones's response to the critics was:

This was unique ... someone who is spewing hatred; who's spewing discrimination; who's touching millions of people's lives by his verbal content. And you know what? It couldn’t continue. And I'm sorry that some people feel that way, but I can't change that. I had to do it.[13]

Published work

  • I Had to Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard's Fall (Seven Stories Press, 2007), with Sam Gallegos. ISBN 1-58322-768-7


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