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Mike Silletti (aka "The Probie") is a fictional firefighter on the FX Network drama Rescue Me. The character is played by Mike Lombardi (aka Michael Lombardi).

Silletti is the newest firefighter in the house, and underwent the regular "initiation" process with the guys, who had no reservations about bullying him. After saving a man from his apartment building, he became involved in a sex triangle that ended with Silletti resorting to the use of a baseball bat for escape from the aggressive bisexual man. Silletti lacks sexual confidence and maturity, and may suffer from dyslexia or other forms of learning disabilities.

Silletti debated transferring once his probationary period was over to escape being called "Probie" for the rest of his career. However, after saving the life of Stack, a veteran firefighter, and Tommy's old friend, Silletti finally earned the respect of his peers and decided not to transfer. At the same time that this happened, Silletti was engaging in a one-sided relationship with a gay construction worker roommate named Chris, who, upon realizing that Silletti was using him for oral sex and not willing to reciprocate, outed him to his fellow firefighters, who, at the urging of Tommy, accepted Silletti as possibly gay.