My Husband Betty
PublisherThunder's Mouth Press
ISBNISBN 1-56025-515-3

My Husband Betty (2004, Thunder's Mouth Press, ISBN 1-56025-515-3) is a non-fiction book by author Helen Boyd about crossdressers and their partners. Unlike many other books about the topic of crossdressing, it is written specifically from the partner's point of view by a partner and takes a distinctively feminist approach. Although the author's husband was a crossdresser at the time of publication, she now considers herself "trans", a word chosen specifically because it was less well defined (and therefore less restrictive) than "transgender".

The book was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award in 2004.

Furthermore, the book has an associated message board system and the community associated with the board is noted for its willingness to debate sacred cows of the transgender community.

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