Nose fetishism[1] (or Nasophilia[2][3]) is the sexual fetish (or paraphilia) for the nose. This may include the sexual attraction to a specific form of physical variation of appearance (such as shape and size), or a specific area (for example; the bridge or nostrils). The fetish may manifest itself in a desire for actual physical contact and interaction, or specific fantasies such as the desire to penetrate the nostrils.[2] Other fantasies may include the desire to observe or experience a transformation of a nose with reference to an element of a fictional work such as Pinocchio, or ideas concerning the transformation of the nose into that of another creatures' like a pig's snout as a means of sexually humiliating a partner or acquaintance. These fantasies may be assisted with use of props, role-play or transformation fiction, in the form of writing, artwork, or modified photographs of people (known as morphing).[4]


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