Ondine aka Robert Olivo (June 16, 1937 - January 1, 1989) was an American Actor, probably best known for appearing in a series of Warhol-directed films in the mid-1960s. He met Andy Warhol in 1961 at an orgy, and died of liver disease in Queens, New York City, New York, USA in 1989.


  • Batman Dracula (1964)
  • Afternoon (1965)
  • Restaurant (1965)
  • Vinyl (1965)
  • Horse (1965)
  • Chelsea Girls (1966)
  • ****, aka Four Stars (1967)
  • The Loves of Ondine (1967)

Quotes about Ondine

  • "You can't enjoy what he's doing to your psychology if you're so weak that you become paranoid, and there are people who tend to do that. Otherwise, if you had any intellectual integrity at all, you would just feel his love, and you would enjoy it like it was better than a theater performance because it was really live." Billy Name[1]

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  1. Factory Made: Warhold and the Sixties, Steve Watson, Pantheon Books (2003)

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