Dr. Patrick Nidorf (born 1932) is a retired Roman Catholic priest, professional psychotherapist and founder of the Catholic Gay and Lesbian support group Dignity, now:DignityUSA.

Dr. Nidorf was ordained in 1962, after having spent over 20 years training in the Augustinian monastic order. He went on to serve in ministry to homosexual Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, beginning DignityUSA in 1969, seeing the organisation expand to a national level later in 1973.

Dr. Nidorf retired from the priesthood in 1973, and married. Nidorf found work as a psychotherapist, entering professional practice. As well as this Nidorf has also developed skills in arts, as an accomplished painter, potter and crafsman. Nidrof has a long waiting list for commissioned art work in the southern California area.

Nidorf has also published a number of books on various topics throughout his career.

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