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Penumbra (aka Penny) is a lesbian character from DuckTales.


  1. 28 September 2020 during "They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!" Penny states at the end that she doesn't want to date "an earth...male".
  2. that night Sam King (episode's director) mentioned in a Tweet that "there is an aspect of Penumbra that is mentioned that I felt like it was important fight for when I had the power to in this ep, but it is not going to be an ongoing plot"
  3. a Tweet the next day from King continued, sating "She's a lesbian" and "I wish it was more overt"


Some fans speculated that Penny wasn't straight when she was first introduced, given her butch appearance and relationship with Della. After her in canon lack of attraction to earth males, the fandom was split between headcanoning her as a lesbian, and headcanoning her as aroace.

When the director revealed her orientation, many were happy but disappointed being forewarned it would not be an ongoing plot. There was also understanding as they were under specific strict guidelines by Disney: "I had certain constraints I had to work in to get this across"


Launchpad McQuack

Launchpad was initially attracted to Penny and asked her out for a date. She accepted, but it went very badly.

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