Pussy Tourette is the stage name for an American drag queen, composer and singer.

She is best known for her single French Bitch, for which a music video/short film (Dir. Andrei Rozen) was made and included in the film festival compilation DVD Boys' Shorts: The New Queer Cinema. The song is a comedic, high camp dance track about the duplicitous title character who "saw my man, so she felt the need to scratch her itch". There is a mild lyrical suggestion that the subject has had an overseas sex-change operation, though this must be inferred by the listener. The chorus is sung in Franglish and contains the double entendre "Je suis oh-so-hot! Vouz vu lay my twat, se vous plait?". The song was remixed for club play and was well received in gay venues, but fell short of being a "hit" in any popular sense.



  • In Hi-Fi! (1993)
  • Who Does She Thing She Is? (1995)


  • French Bitch (1993)
  • Heels (1993)
  • Bracelets (1993)
  • If I can't sell it (1993)
  • Kiss / All My Misery (1995)
  • Outta My House (1998)
  • Brand New Day (2005)

Television and Film

  • Cabaret U-Mano - Soundtrack composer (2006)
  • Slap Her, She's French - Soundtrack composer (2002)
  • G String Divas - Soundtrack Composer (2000)
  • Men In Shorts 2 - Herself (2000)
  • La Cage aux Zombies - Soundtrack composer (1995)
  • HBO's Real Sex - Soundtrack composer (1994)
  • Sex Is... - Soundtrack composer (1993)

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