Reza Abdoh (Persian: رضا عبده‎; also Romanized as “Rezā Abdoh”, Persian pronunciation: [ɾeˈzɒː æbˈdoh]) (February 23, 1963 in Tehran, Iran – May 11, 1995 in New York City) was an Iranian-born director and playwright known for large-scale, experimental theatrical productions, often staged in unusual spaces like warehouses and abandoned buildings.

Personal Life

In the wake of the Iranian Revolution, Ali Abdoh traveled to California with his four children and settled in West Covina, California. Reza's father, who had plans to open a hotel in Iran on the eve of the revolution, faced financial ruin. In the Fall, Reza began classes at University of Southern California where he completed one semester. In January 1980, Ali Abdoh died of a heart attack on a squash court at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. It is said that he died not long after discovering that Reza was gay