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She-Dick is an American electropop band fronted by a drag trio that was formed in Dallas, Texas in October 2006.[1] The self-proclaimed "female detectives by day and pop-stars by night"[2] sing adult-oriented, innuendo-filled songs about "succulent hot dogs, nasty blowjobs and butter-pecan ice cream."[1]



The germ of inspiration began when three gay men met at the Cedar Springs Block Party, the annual Dallas gay Halloween celebration. The members of She Dick, Miss Candi Shell, Miss Gloria Hole, Miss Annie Rex and their straight producer, Hans HandiKraft, began toying with the frontiers of gender roles and creating electropop beats with hyper-sexual, gender-bending themes.[3] As of July 2007 the band line-up is changing with Rex leaving and Princess Persia joining the group.[4]

It wasn't until after She Dick walked the runway at the DIFFA (Design Industry Fashion For AIDS) 2007 Dallas Collection charity event that things really took off for the band.[3] She Dick's first live performance was at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (RGRS)[5] where they performed with touring bands Femme Fatality and Lazer as well as a duet with Miss Nasty.[6] Next She-Dick opened for gay rapper Cazwell at Minc Lounge,[7][8] a Dallas nightclub that hosts performances by artists such as Erykah Badu, Kaskade and DJ Tiesto.[3][9]

Current Projects

She-dick is performing at several community events including hosting an alternative Pride event, Hedwig Sing-a-Long at Dallas' Belmont Hotel.

She-Dick is currently working on their debut album titled Shedickulous, which is due for release in January 2008 by California-based label Hardcore Records.

After catching the eye of Ricardo Tarin, a Dallas-based independent filmmaker with local film company Sky Royale Pictures, She-Dick is on its way to shooting a feature-length motion picture to be released summer of 2008,[9] The film is tentatively titled So Beautiful and is loosely-based on the 2007 DIFFA fashion event.

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