Jimmy Neutron character
Sheen jimmy neutron.png
Sheen Estévez
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 13
Family: Mr. Estévez (father)
Mrs. Estévez (deceased mother)
Unnamed sister
Occupation: Elementary School Student
Best Friends: Jimmy Neutron
Carl Wheezer
Voice Actor: Jeffrey Garcia
Status: Alive

Sheen Juarrera Estévez is one of Jimmy Neutron's best friends in the Jimmy Neutron franchise and the main character of Planet Sheen.

Official Description

"Sheen is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but what he lacks in smarts he more than makes up for with his appetite. Sheen is totally into with the Ultra Lord action hero. He collects all the Ultra Lord action figures and quotes him daily. He's a little obsessive. Did we say "a little"?"


Sheen has tan skin, a triangle-shaped head, and dark brown hair that is usually spiked. He wears a turquoise ringer Ultra Lord t-shirt, black jeans, and a pair of turquoise and white hi-top sneakers. He always wears a pair of red or purple Ultra Lord underwear. In the movie and shorts, the ends of his sleeves and the collar on his neck were darker, almost in a teal color.

Despite being related to the man who invented spray-on eyebrows, Sheen is one of the few characters who do not have eyebrows or a chin. However, in his official 2D design, he does have eyebrows.

In Planet Sheen, Sheen doesn't wear his iconic Ultra Lord t-shirt anymore. Although he did wear his normal outfit throughout the pilot and he did wear it during his dream sequence in Cutting the Ultra-Cord his flashbacks in Is This Cute? and Keeping Up With the Gronzes and one of his pictures in Thanksgetting. Instead, he wears a blue-green and dark blue jumpsuit (with a Zeenu insignia on his right chest), blue pants, blue boots, and a black belt with a silver buckle.

Sheen's eyes usually are brown but in some episodes, there are mistakes. For example, in the second Fairly OddParents crossover special, his eyes turn indigo, and in the next crossover episode, his eyes are black.


Sheen has obsessed with a superhero called "Ultra Lord." He collects all the Ultra Lord action figures, cards, and quotes him daily. Sometimes, Sheen can be somewhat insensitive and miss the big picture of things. Sheen is 13 years old (he got held back a few times as mentioned in "Operation Jet Fusion"). Despite worshiping Ultra Lord, he actually cares about his father and Libby most of all.

Despite Sheen's hyperactivity and peculiarities, Sheen has actually shown to be very helpful, able to provide some scientific insight or come up with a solution, albeit unusual ones. During their time on the Junk man's ship, the boy's brains have scanned, Sheen's brain has shown to be quite larger than Carl's. However, in most cases, whenever Sheen is about to display his aids, he is often inhibited by his low attention span and insane behavior, claiming to have sabotaged his own brain with TV and sugar. In The League of Villains, Sheen has shown to be a compassionate person; he believed there was goodness in Tee and was proven right.

Sheen has also shown to be very prone to seizures, as demonstrated in episodes such as Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion, Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen and Keeping Up With the Gronzes.

Role in Planet Sheen

One day, after sneaking into Jimmy's lab and disobeying Jimmy's specific instructions, Sheen touches Jimmy's new rocket and goes flying into deep space. He lands on a strange Dr. Seuss-like planet called Zeenu, where the grand leader thinks that Sheen has destined to bring peace, prosperity, and eternal joy to the planet.

After the Emperor promotes Sheen to be his number one royal advisor, Sheen gets to do virtually whatever he likes, such as battling man-eating creatures and throwing wild parties. On Zeenu, he makes new friends, including Mr. Nesmith is a super-intelligent chimp, Aseefa-- a Glimmorian princess who becomes his new love interest and Doppy-- a slug-like creature who has an uncanny resemblance to Carl. With his new friends' help, Sheen must foil the plots of Dorkus and find a way to get back home before anybody notices he's gone.

Unfortunately, an evil villain named Dorkus is angry that Sheen accidentally destroyed his house in the crash and is out to do away with him. Whenever Dorkus tries to destroy him, Sheen's crazy antics almost always save the day.

At the end of several episodes, Sheen writes a letter to his grandmother in his star log, which sums up everything that happened in the following episode and what he's learned from it. He always ends the messages by saying that he'll be home soon, but surprisingly, he doesn't seem worried about whether he'll get back to Earth or not.

Returning to Earth

Since the series only lasted one season, Sheen had never shown returning to Earth. However, since his future self has seen in "The Tomorrow Boys," it can be implied that Sheen eventually made it back to Earth. It’s also worth noting that the futures were just predictions and not actually real.

There's also speculation that Planet Sheen may be non-canon, but nothing is confirmed so far. A few have even gone as far as to say that the crash on Zeenu gave Sheen brain damage, which would explain why he doesn't remember anything logical he knew back on Earth, not to mention his lack of common sense and all of his serious traits being erased. Some have also said that Zeenu may have different hours, so Sheen could've gone for one minute for all we know. Another fan theory is that this was all part of a dream Sheen had. But that's all pure speculation at this point.

In a Nickelodeon podcast, John A. Davis stated that Sheen worked better as a supporting character, so therefore, giving Sheen his own show was not exactly the best idea. Further to that extent, in another podcast featuring Debi Derryberry, Rob Paulsen, and Jeffrey Garcia, the voice actors stated that a good way to revive the franchise would be starting with Sheen immediately crashing landing back down to Earth, as they preferred the original formula as well.


While it's never been stated outright, there is a very likely possibility that Sheen is bisexual, and the show may have hinted at this in a few episodes.

  • In the episode, Birth of a Salesman, Sheen attempted to bid on Jimmy when the Willie Loman 3000 robot was auctioning him. He also went up against Cindy, who we already know in the series has a crush on Jimmy and possibly wanted to buy him because of her love for him, and this is possibly why Sheen wanted to buy Jimmy too since according to him, "he's always wanted to buy him since he was 5 years old", which may indicate Sheen always had a liking to Jimmy.
  • In the episode, Ultra Sheen, after Jimmy introduced his latest Neuronic Game Pyramid invention and offered Sheen to fight alongside Ultra Lord in his favorite video game, Sheen kisses Jimmy's hand and tells him he loves him in response.
  • In the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, Sheen closes in on Timmy, hugs him and says, "I love this new "small-headed" Jimmy", much to Timmy's discomfort. This could indicate that Sheen could have a small guy crush on Timmy Turner as well.
    • Although, later in the episode, after Timmy and Cindy start falling in love with each other, Sheen yells at Timmy and says, "I hate this new "small-headed" Jimmy", although it could be possible that Sheen simply yelled that out of jealousy.
  • In the episode, My Big Fat Spy Wedding, Sheen refers to Jet Fusion as handsome, which may indicate that he may find Jet attractive as well.
  • In the episode, Who's Your Mommy, Sheen is seen dressed up in woman's clothing baking cookies for Carl's baby shower, showing that he isn't afraid of showing off his feminine side.
  • In the series finale episode, The League of Villains, after Sheen obtains Cindy's old N-Men ego, Super Girl, Sheen seems to have no issue being called that, further showing off his feminine side.

Even though Sheen is heavily hinted at being somewhat attracted to men, Sheen seems to mostly be interested in woman, as Sheen's main love interest throughout Jimmy Neutron is Libby Folfax. He also seemed to have a huge crush on Beautiful Gorgeous as seen in the episodes, Operation: Jet Fusion, My Big Fat Spy Wedding, and The League of Villains. Sheen's main love interest in Planet Sheen also happens to be a blue female alien named Aseefa.