Sister Spit were a lesbian-feminist spoken word and performance art collective based in San Francisco, signed to Mr. Lady Records. They formed in 1994 and disbanded in 2006. Founding members included Michelle Tea and Sini Anderson, Other members included Jan LeCroy and poet Eileen Myles. The group were noted for their Ramblin' Roadshow, performing at feminist events such as the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. The Boston Phoenix described it as "the coolest (and cutest) line-up of talented, tattooed, pierced, and purple-pigtailed performance artists the Bay Area has to offer.[1]

The Independent Weekly magazine described the group as a "literary celebration of outspoken and courageous feminists".[2] Sister Spit performed on numerous occasions at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, as well as on multiple tours across the United States, chiefly to LGBT audiences, including the Castro Street Fair, Pride and Ladyfest in San Francisco.[3]. They played at such locations as Boston, Cambridge, Massachussetts and Buffalo, New York.[4]

Michelle Tea revived the tour in April of 2007, calling the new incarnation Sister Spit: The Next Generation. The new group includes original Sister Spitters Eileen Myles and Ali Liebegott, as well as younger writers such as Cristy Road, Nicole Georges, and Rhiannon Argo. [5]


Sister Spit had a rotating membership. Members for many or all shows included[6]

  • Michelle Tea - writer. Cofounder and cohost of Sister Spit.
  • Sini Anderson - performance poet, producer, and director. Cofounder and co-host of Sister Spit.
  • Ida Acton - author
  • Marci Blackman - novellist, Stonewall Book Award winner.
  • Cooper Lee Bombardier- writer and visual artist.
  • Lynnee Breedlove - lead singer of Tribe 8 and writer.
  • Tara Jepsen - performance artist, actor, and writer.
  • Kassy Kayiatos - poet and beatboxer.
  • Beth Lisick - writer, filmmaker and musician.
  • Miranda Mellis - dancer, trapeze artist, and poet.
  • Eileen Myles - author
  • Sara Seinberg - photographer


Sister Spit's most noted release was Greatest Spits!: A Spoken Word Compilation, released on May 29, 2001.[7] They released 3 other albums, including I Spit on Your Country (1997), and Sister Spit’s Ramblin Road Show (1999). Their final album, Tribe Spit Deep, was released in 2002. All their albums were released on the lesbian-feminist label Mr. Lady Records.


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