Template:Infobox Character Sloane Fox is a bisexual character and the main protagonist of the web series Last Life. She is portrayed by Kathy DiStefano.


Before the series

Sloane was originally a normal girl until she was involved in an accident that sent her into a coma. During this a Bloodborne witch named Rick who died, took possession of her body. Afterwards, Rick in Sloane's body, began a quest to reunite with his soulmate Taylor Welton. During this, Sloane hooked up with several girls.

Season 1

Sloane hooked up with Jamie Sands, a hot blonde girl that she met at a bar. They headed to Jamie's house and passionately kissed each other before taking each other's clothes off and proceed to sleep together. After Sloane woke up, she sighed as she watched Jamie sleep before putting her clothes back on and leaving her house.

Later on, Sloane went to a hotel and met a private detective she hired, who managed to track down Taylor. When he demanded payment for his services, Sloane said 'it's not gonna work like that', prompting him to reveal his gun and offer Sloane to have sex with him as an alternate form of payment. Sloane's response is to flirt with him before using her magic to give him a heart attack and kill him, but not before compelling him to write Taylor's address down. Sloane then took the address and left the hotel.

Though Sloane was able to speak to Taylor during her party, she realized that Taylor's memories of her past had been wiped out by the Alina. Sloane then used various methods to help Taylor remember who she is. Eventually, She and Taylor had sex together. When Taylor was captured, Sloane when to her rescue and the two escaped together.

Season 2

Following the events of the first season, Sloane and Taylor are on the run.

Season 3

Sloane continues to the tree of life with Nari.

Appearance and personality

Sloane is very beautiful. When she searched for Taylor, she is shown to be quite seductive, as multiple girls fall for her as soon as they see her and try desperately to sleep with her.


Taylor Welton

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Sloane and Taylor are soulmates.

Nari Roux

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Jamie Sands

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Sloane only had a one-night stand with Jamie to fill the void in Taylor's absence.


  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3


  • "No, no no. Those stay on." (to Jamie, Last Life)


  • Kathy DiStefano, who plays Sloane, is a homosexual.
    • DiStefano is also an executive producer on the series.
  • Sloane had a boyfriend before she was possessed by Bloodborne witch Rick.