Sophia Lamar (born on June 6, 1955)1 is a transsexual nightlife celebrity, former Club Kid, model, and actress based in New York City. She was a member of the Cuban underground scene before emigrating in 1980.

Lamar first developed a name for herself in San Francisco's club and art scene, producing shows such as Sophia: A Trip to Her Ego in which a fountain of her own collected urine was used. Moving from San Francisco, she headed for New York City where she was introduced to Club Kids founder Michael Alig. Together the duo helped to popularize Alig's Disco 2000 club group.

Following Alig's conviction for murder in 1996, and the general dissolution of the Club Kids scene, Lamar injected herself into Brooklyn's emerging Electroclash movement. Building on the Berliniamsburg nights at Club Luxx, Lamar would go on to host the popular "Mutants" club nights and would often introduce herself as "your hostess not by choice, but by demand." During this time, she collaborated with Larry Tee, coiner of the term Electroclash, and Phiiliip, a popular writer/DJ, to produce a number of electro-esque tracks.

Lamar is a model, appearing in campaigns for companies including Levi's, Trash & Vaudville, and the NYU School of Medicine Center for AIDS Research, and Off-Broadway actress. Her performance has been described by American Theatre Review as "glorious." She has also appereared in numerous international publications; in 2004 Interview magazine named her one of the "10 to watch" and praised her for shaping her own destiny in the spirit of Andy Warhol.

In addition to theatre, she is a regular participant in New York's Fringe Festival, and has been cast in the films of independent film auteurs such as Ned Ambler, Todd Verow, and Craig Cobb.

In 2001, Lamar and Amanda Lepore (also transsexual) sued the nightclub Twilo for gender discrimination after they were replaced by cisgender women. The case was settled before it came to trial.

Lamar can currently be heard on Jonny McGovern's "Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern" podcast each month, "declaring what she hates." She also frequents the Misshapes dance party in New York City.

Sophia Lamar is frequently hired to host parties around the world in locales such as Brazil, Europe and many American cities.


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