A stone butch is a woman who is strongly masculine in character and dress, who tops their partners sexually (and sometimes emotionally), and who does not wish to be touched genitally. Not all stone butches identify in female terms, some are known to identify with male pronouns, and many stone butches - not all, but many - do not identify themselves with lesbian or within the lesbian community. A common partner for a stone butch is a Stone Femme, who is a femme who bottoms sexually or who wishes not to touch the genitals of her stone butch partner. This is not one hundred percent of the former or latter but is an overall old school pattern. Butches are very diverse in emotion and sexual expression.

Stone femme

A stone femme is a dyke identity used to describe a femme who is the receiver in sexual interactions. People who identify as stone femme have patterned the name for their identity after the more widely known term stone butch.[1]

A stone femme may also refer to a femme who is very femme, a femme top, or a femme who is partnered with or attracted to very masculine/stone Butches.[1]

Some people have used the term stone femme to describe their identity as an individual's personal sexual and gender identity and boundaries regarding their expression of both. Use of the term is not dependent on the identity of the stone femme's partner.

Some stone femmes do not identify as lesbians due to the disconnect between the political and sexual connotations of the word and the reality of their experiences. Other stone femmes do identify as queer, as dykes, and/or as lesbians.

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