Superhero erotica is a genre of pornography or a sexual role-playing fetish, each incorporating elements from superhero adventure stories.


Erotic superhero stories are often comedies, usually a parody poking fun at the superhero genre or at specific popular superheroes. Many feature sexually graphic content, but others avoid the kind of explicit content that would restrict availability to adults.


  • Blonde Avenger
  • Blunder Broad
  • Captain Hard-On (Hustler magazine series)
  • Class Comics
  • Crimson Gash
  • Leatherboy
  • Magnificent Milkmaid
  • The Pro
  • Ultima-woman
  • XXX Women


  • The Adventures of Flash Beaver (1972)
  • Double-D Avenger (starring Kitten Natividad)
  • Hef's Superbunnies (created by Hugh Hefner & Stan Lee)
  • Powerbone (1987)
  • Spiderbabe
  • Souperman (1976)
  • Superchick (starring Uschi Digard)


In private erotic superhero role-play, one person usually plays the part of the hero, while the other person plays the villain, citizen in distress, or the hero's sidekick. Bondage, domination, and wrestling may be involved.

Those with an interest in this fetish may also seek out photos featuring erotic models in superhero costumes or scenarios. The February 2008 issue of Playboy featured model Tiffany Fallon – nude except for boots – in body paint which resembled the costume of Wonder Woman.[1]


  • superherofetish
  • Super Sexy Heroines
  • SuperWomenMania
  • Supermegatopia (by The Brothers Grinn)
  • The Stone of Adventure
  • Wonder Vixen (Vixen LaMoore)


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