Tefé Holland is a fictional character, a DC Comics universe leading and supporting character. The character is the daughter of Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane Holland. She became the Swamp Thing in Swamp Thing vol. 3, having all of her father's powers, but retaining a human appearance. She no longer has these powers.[citation needed]

Fictional character biography

She first appears as the Sprout in Swamp Thing #65 (1987). She is later born in Swamp Thing #90 (1989) as Tefé, named after the location of the Brazilian river source and home of the Parliament of Trees.[1]

Tefé is notable for being the featured character in the third Swamp Thing series, almost to the exclusion of the title character from 2000 to 2001, launching the comics career of series writer Brian Vaughan. The series lasted 20 issues, with two tie-in specials featuring Tefé by Vaughan.[1]

Tefé is a bisexual character, currently with a lesbian lover named Zaina. This relationship is revealed in Swamp Thing (fourth series) #9 (2005), the first issue in the series to be written by Joshua Dysart until 2006.[1]


Brandon Thomas of Silver Bullet Comics felt that Brian K. Vaughan's run had "incredibly strong characterization."[2]

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