Template:Primarysources Template:Infobox character Thomas Thessolonius "Tom" Farrell, played by James Dreyfus, is the gay flat mate of Linda La Hughes in Gimme Gimme Gimme. His parents are Sheila and Vernon Farrell, who declared to their son in the one episode in which they appeared that they were swingers, and Tom seems to ardently hate both of them.

Tom is a constantly out of work actor, who manages to get only bit parts, usually as an extra, on T.V. He had a part in (the fictional) soap opera Doctor Deaf, but was promptly fired after being set up by former acting-college friend Bart (now a nurse in the local NHS Hospital.)

Tom had a brief attempt at running his own acting school, although Linda said she didn't want "to wake up and find fifteen anorexics chucking up in me loo", he only had one pupil, Sugar Walls (formerly Sharon Hughes), Linda's attractive, promiscuous and celebrity sister.

Tom left the series after getting a job as Billy the bellboy in Crossroads.