Tony Hills was a fictional character in the popular BBC Soap opera EastEnders. He was played by Mark Homer.

He was first shown on screen on September 7, 1995 after arriving from Norfolk with his sister, Sarah Hills, played by Daniella Denby-Ashe. At first, he was painted as an unsympathetic character; at one point he sold ecstasy with a friend, Dan Zappieri. Eventually, he quit dealing after Dan gave Sarah ecstasy without her knowledge.

Tony began a relationship with Tiffany Raymond and lived with her for a while. She became pregnant and the baby was assumed to be his. However, she caught him kissing her brother Simon, with whom he then began a relationship, and the baby was revealed to be Grant Mitchell's. Tony still believed that the baby may be his until, after its birth, a paternity test confirmed he was not the father.

Tony and Simon had a turbulent relationship, and Tony had affairs with Frankie Pierre, a singer, and Polly Becker, a journalist at the Walford Gazette, where he was (at that time) a trainee. Simon found out about this, and the couple split up.

Tony began a relationship with Teresa di Marco, but after Tiffany died and Simon nearly burned to death in a house fire, Tony reconciled with Simon. Simon had trouble accepting that Tony was bisexual rather than gay, but Tony convinced Simon that he was the one he wanted and they left Albert Square together in April 1999 to travel around Europe. A letter sent to Tony's family after he left Walford revealed the couple to have settled in Amsterdam.

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