Toshi Reagon (born in Atlanta in 1964) is an American folk/blues musician. She is the daughter of "Sweet Honey in the Rock" co-founder Bernice Johnson Reagon, with whom she has sometimes collaborated on musical projects. She has been performing since she dropped out of college when Lenny Kravitz invited her to open for him on his first world tour, and has shared the stage with performers ranging from Ani Difranco to Elvis Costello.

Her band, BIGLovely, has been performing together since September, 1996. The name allegedly comes from a love-letter Toshi received from her girlfriend, which was addressed "To My BIGLovely." The band includes Judith Casselberry on acoustic guitar and vocals, Robert "Chicken" Burke on drums, Fred Cass, Jr. on bass, Adam Widoff on electric guitar, and Catherine Russell on mandolin and vocals. In addition, the line-up includes Jen Leigh, Ann Klein, Debbie Robinson, Alison Miller, Kismet Lyles and Stephanie McKay as replacements for other members when they "can't make it."


  • Justice (1990)
  • The Rejected Stone (1994)
  • Kindness (1997)
  • The Righteous Ones (1999)
  • Africans in America (2001) (soundtrack, with Bernice Johnson Reagon)
  • TOSHI (2002)
  • I Be Your Water (2004)
  • Have You Heard (2005)

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