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Twelve Forever is a American animated web series created by Julia Vickerman, a former writer and storyboard artist on Cartoon Network's original show Clarence, that premiered on Netflix on July 29, 2019. It is based on Vickerman's animated pilot of the same name produced by Cartoon Network Studios in 2015. In December, 2017, it was announced that Netflix aquired Twelve Forever for a full series, with production duties being handled by The Cartel and Puny Entertainment, and that the series premiered exclusively on the service on July 29, 2019 with the first season consisting of twenty-five episodes.


The series centers on Reggie Abbott (voiced by Kelsy Abbott), an imaginative 12-year old whose desire to remain a child is so powerful she can enter another world in which she never has to grow up; an island called Endless where her childhood toys are real. She is joined by her friends Todd (Antony Del Rio) and Esther Hopkins (Jaylen Barron), who visit this amazing world to live out their superhero fantasies and escape the responsibilities of impending adulthood. Life and reality often catch up with them in Endless as the preteens start dealing with growing pains and conflicts develop between them. The negativity the friends experience while dealing with their new complicated problems feed their enemy, the nefarious Butt Witch (Matt Berry), who seeks to destroy Endless.=

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