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United States Old Catholic Church

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Welcome to the United States Old Catholic Church.  We are a small, progressive, Sacramental faith community that welcomes everyone.[edit | edit source]

Have you been told that you cannot be a Priest because you are a woman, married, divorced, or belong to the LGBT community?[edit | edit source]

Have you always felt a deep calling from God to serve his people as one of his Priests but doors are slammed on you because you do not fit the right profile?

If you have experienced these unnecessary roadblocks, then I invite you to take some time and go to the United States Old Catholic Church’s website at

We are a Sacramental, Faith community that welcomes everyone and we embrace diversity. We have valid apostolic authority and we proudly support women ordinations and ordinations of those who are married, divorced or with the LGBT community.

You have prayed diligently about your calling to the priesthood and now God is answering. Email us today at and lets begin your journey together.

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