Here is a description of some of my LGBT friendly plays & novelette by Grant Sutor Vuille

1) "Doctor George's Magnificent Zeppelin" a Two Act Musical Play disguised as a children's musical with a number of characters including Doctor George, a zany inventor who takes his gay crew members Seymour & Max on an adventure in his Magnificent Zeppelin to save the world from the unrepentant egotistical tyrants who hold the world's populous in a state of arrest.  Along the way, Doctor George and his crew encounter a sassy female TV reporter, Mermaids, Pirates, an island of Faerie's, a Faerie King & Queen, & a Reluctant Dragon.  Armed with Doctor George's secret weapon, evil is thwarted & off they sail again to save the world.  Diversity of lifestyles and culture is embraced by the characters & by the plot.  It is a comedy, satire, meant to elighten and be enjoyed by audiences everywhere.

2) "Vapid" a novelette, about a young gay hustler named Brad who lives in Hollywood and is determined to climb the ladder of success in show business.  He encounters Carlotta Carlisle, a Hollywood siren of yesterday who is anxious to make a comeback herself.  The story takes place in the early 1980's before the HIV/AIDS crisis, and promiscuity was rampant.  Brad becomes one of her stable of young studs who perform daily chores as well as humor their misstress.

3) "Aquamarine" is a one act play with two gay young male friends who meet after attending their highschool reunion.  They take a rowboat ride to an island where treachery once occured and they rekindle their relationship.

4) "Ascorbic Acid Freak" is a one act play with gay characters that explores their relationships among friends with one of the characters being HIV positive.  It takes place in the late 1980's when the illness was still being fought by unreliable medical means.  Vitamin C plays a role in the fight against infections caused by HIV and which leads to AIDS.

5) "Eternally Yours, Jayne Mansfield" is a one act play about gay characters who are obsessed with movie vixen, Jayne Mansfield.  It explores their relationships to one another and focuses on the meaning of a fan based obsession with movie stars who become icons after their tragic deaths.

6) "Wall Flower House" is a one act play which takes place in the late 1980's and is a two character play about a young woman and her male friend who share a pecial relationship.  She suffers from agoraphobia and is not able to leave the house.  He is still in love with her and does his best to try and help her out in every way.