This is my first time write and create my blogger or website.Nowadays,I would like share my writing or my idea in this version.


Life is fantastic.I like this world who is the first time give me an enormity girft.My mother born on me from her stomach to the world.I am very thankful for my magnificient mother and it is too difficult to look after until I growth up everyday now.I realized that I can climbed and walked when I was 3 years old.My moother is very kind of careful person.Which is she gradually took after me in daily life.And that,I can claim that every mother is very strong when she was encountering many challenges and blockade in daily routine.No matter,we became who we are,she would persistent her positive perception.For instance,The child have already physical disability,every mother not probably abandon her children.Obviously,every adolescents ensure have existed the lovely heart for their mother in domestic.As a saying goes,Home is where the heart is.No matter where you are,'home' always opened up the door to you and you feel most comfortable and content.

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