Hello, before you read this blog I just want to say I 100% percent support LGBTQ+ and this is meant as no offense the people in the community.

We all know about Bug Gribble- Dale Gribble's gay father, But did you know that King of the Hill has a wider representation of LGBTQ+ than possibly intended? Join me as I take a deep dive into the very gay world of our favorite show, King of the Hill.

Let's start with the basics. Hank Hill. Hank Hill throughout the run of the series has shown little to no sexual attraction. Peggy seems to be the only character that Hank feels any attraction to at all, now keep in mind that Hank has known Peggy since they were in high school and this time they developed what I presume is a strong emotional bond. Sound familiar? Yes, only feeling sexual attraction to people that you have a strong emotional bond with is the definition of Demisexual. This could be label that the fandom could put on Hank. Although in certain episodes we see that Hank felt attracted to Peggy shortly after they met. But Peggy seems to be the only person that Hank felt attraction to in this way, so we can conlude that Hank only occasionally feels sexual attraction. Sound familiar again? Yes, only occasionally feeling sexual attraction is the definition Graysexual. Both Gray-ace and Demi are Labels that that would fit Hank. So we know Hank falls the Asexual umbrella.

Next is Bobby and Peggy. Although we learn that Bobby is in fact Straight we often see Hank assuming that he is Gay, So I thought he was a mention. Peggy's sexuality is never touched on much in the show, So for now we can assume she's Straight, I gave her a mention so we clear her out of the way before touching on smaller characters.

Now for Dale Gribble, my personal favorite character (and who I nicknamed myself after) and an absolute B I C O N. "bUt wHAt aBOUt nAnCY AnD thAt eXTerMinATor laDY?", I can hear you asking, "ThOsE aRE thE oNLy PeOpLE dALe HaS eVEr fELt AtTracTed tO." I have one word for you. Boomhaer. The relationship between Dale and Boomhaer is a complicated topic (for another time) but has many examples (e.g season 10 episode 1) and without a doubt exists. Dale and Hank also show some attraction but to a lesser extent (and not enough to discuss another time). Boomhaer and Hank are both Male and Dale is presumably a male as well. But that brings us to Dale's gender identity. Dale certainly posses some non cisgender qualities and is seen in a few episodes. In a later episode we can see Dale wearing Nancy's robe (with no explanation and confidence might I add) and in another later episode Dale has a get rich quick scheme in which he would apply as a waitress to a Hooters type restaurant and sue them for gender discrimination when they wouldn't hire him. The restaurant saw past this scheme and hired him. By the end of the episode he gets used to the restaurant and refers to him and his co-workers as "me and the other waitresses". I don't believe Dale is trans but could very well identify as demiboy/paraboy

Now to talk about Boomhaer. "BuT booMHaEr iS tHe sTRaIgHtEst MaN aliVE", I hear you say and you are partially right, Boomhaer does have a complicated sexuality. As I mentioned he and Dale most definetly had something going on (again, a topic for another time). But Boomhaer also is portrayed as a ladies man and Peggy even said "The longest that man has kept a relationship is is a three day weekend". And it's pretty obvious all of these relationships had been with women. When I was discussing this topic it was brought up that Boomhaer felt no connection to these random women. That's when it hit me. Boomhaer was aromantic. It all made sense now! All he did was "do the do" and get out, right? Well, this is what I believed was a sound label for a very long time, until I saw the episode "Dang ol' love" In this episode Boomhaer developed a relationship with a woman that seemed genuine. He even proposed to this girl before he was rudely rejected (and I cried). At this point that idea had been pretty much scrapped but I was looking for surefire proof that he wasn't and I got that. In the second to "last" (I put that in quotation marks since there were even more episodes after the last- it's confusing)