Here are some of the titles of my plays which are available.  "Doctor George's Magnificent Zeppelin" a two act musical play satirizing children's musicals, cultural differences, and and lifestyles.  "Ascorbic Acid Freak" a one act play whose main character treats his HIV/AIDS illness with massive doses of Vitamin-C.  "Eternally Yours, Jayne Mansfield" is a one act play with gay characters obsessed with cinema icon Jayne Mansfield.  "Aquamarine" is a one act play with two gay friends who meet again after many years and who take a trip down memory lane while boating to a small island where trouble once occurred.  "Wall Flower House" explores agoraphobia and is a one act play about a young female and her male closeted boyfriend who find companionship with one another because of traumatic pasts.  "Vapid" is my novelette about a young gay character in Hollywood in the early 1980's which spoofs sexual mores before the HIV/AIDS crisis was in full swing.  It is a treatment for a spoof of triple X-rated films about the gay lifestyle.