what is a bot

Wikia has help page on bots but simply a bot is program that makes automated edits or helps a user make semi-automated edits

why do we need one

  1. we have multiple wiki wide issues (non-LGBT red links, cross wiki import issues, etc.) which would tedious and error-prone to remove by hand
  2. we have markup meant for Wikipedia (i.e. “category:Articles with unsourced statements since X”) again tedious and error-prone to remove by hand
  3. we want to refresh our articles from Wikipedia periodically which compounds the above issues

what else will a bot buy us

  1. an easy way to make large-scale edits (like renaming a category) without overrunning the WikiActivity and Recent Changes feeds.
  2. a force multiplier that once know of a problem and agree to a solution. It can be implemented wiki-wide quickly. Minimizing transition time.

what you can do

  1. comment on this blog to support my bot
  2. comment to give ideas on how we should decide on bots going forward (example: using our already existing Position applications forum)
  3. help flesh out the bot policy page
  4. tell other users about this post