Hello my name is Otto (online name only).

I do not know what I myself identify myself? I was born female, but i have never felt really feminine. I really hard to understand. This one person wrote this paragraph which i fully agreed to. 

When I first heard about sexaulity I started question my own sexaulity and whether or not I was asexual. Along this road I started questioning my gender identify as well. I don't know exactly how to explain this, but I sort of identify as a girl but at the same time I don't. I look like a girl, but I don't act like one or really want to look like one either. My whole life I've tended to act more... masculine, I guess. Like I would always play with the boys at recess and I want men's clothing and I just have never been able to understand girls. My mom gets mad at me because I refuse to wear makeup and I won't dress up nice and I hate associating myself with feminine things. I still get embarrassed over things like bras and periods and try to avoid any conversation like that with people because I don't want to anyone to think I go through those things even though it's obvious I do. ... Did that make sense? Anyways I call myself a girl because that's what I was born as but I don't really want to be known as a girl. I feel male more than I feel female, but I still consider myself female because I feel like one sometimes. It's really confusing I guess. So am I a demigirl or genderqueer or what? Thanks for reading So thats the paragraph I feel like kinda explains what I am trying to say. Here's the thing I love boys like I can see myself like I can be a relationship with a boy even though i have never been any kind of relationship ever in my whole life. The other thing is when I see a woman in public I would be like holy shit she is gorg and all of that but not in a sexaul way. Like I cant see myself dating or having sex with a women. So can someone in this wonderful society tell me what can identify or my sexaulity as cause I have questioned my identity and my sexuality for years. My friends and non friends always say I look gay but I tell them I am not cause I do not see myself as that. It kinda hurts that people will judge how people look and what clothes they wear and they guess their sexuality and it kinda pisses me off (I am literally going off topic, sorry back to what I was saying). I hope someone understand what I am saying.