RayneVanDunem RayneVanDunem 25 April 2009

The issue of sexuality-disparaging terminology in confrontational dialogue

I think that the usage of disparaging remarks which seek to highlight a supposed breach of heteronormative behavior is either potentially discouraging or a potential rallying point of terminological reclamation for the LGBT rights movement. The suicides of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and Jaheem Herrera due to heterosexual in-school bullying further highlight the usage of sex/gender in a deprecatory verbal manner, and why it is necessary that the sting - whether its social stigmatization or threats of physical violence - should be taken out of the usage of such terms. Terms such as "butt boy", "fag" and "queer" should be taken less as a correct assumption of the victim's sexuality and taken more as a sign of the victor's inner insecurities ab…

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RayneVanDunem RayneVanDunem 24 April 2009

More LGBT multi-game events? Why not!


  • LGBT Winter Games
  • LGBT Indoor Games
  • LGBT Beach Games
  • LGBT Extreme sports Games

  • LGBT Youth Games
  • LGBT Women's games
  • LGBT Paralympics
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RayneVanDunem RayneVanDunem 11 November 2008

LGBT and patriarchy

Because we are gay, bi, or lesbian, we are not tied to any particular flow of patriarchal structure, or are the end of such a structure-by-blood-relation. We don't produce from our uteri (if we have any such thing), and we don't give grandchildren to our own parents. We may adopt and raise children, but not much else.

Thus, we are tied together into family units by the people with whom we have sexual relations and share our personal resources. Because the potential for a biologically-patriarchal relationship in the form of "birthing-parent-over-birthed-child" is absent from a same-sex relationship, we are relatively free to share our sex, our love and our care with more than one other person. The same-sex relationship is defined primarily b…

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