Victoria Rose "Vicki" Llewellyn, is a prolific LGBT country music songwriter. She is also the President of the LGCMA (Lesbian and Gay Country Music Association) as of 2015.

Born in rural eastern North Carolina in 1971, Vicki grew up heavily influenced by many genres of music - southern gospel, rock & roll, jazz, blues - and particularly what she admirably refers to as "old school" country from the 50's and 60's. With a knack for writing poetry from a very early age, Vicki's step into songwriting was a given. Says Vicki, "I've always been inspired by music that comes from the heart, and touches the soul. Those are the types of songs that I write".

She now resides in Washougal, Washington, where she devotes her full time to running the LGCMA, writing songs, and promoting LGBT country music as a whole. A lesbian, she has a keen and personal understanding of the LGBT community.